Technology at Heart: Competitive high-tech manufacturing in Lithuania

4 October 2022

Want to know how automation in manufacturing can lead to more jobs? How AI is used in industrial settings? How electronics can be manufactured competitively inside the EU? 

Check out Orgalim's brand new edition...

Check out Orgalim's brand new edition of Technology at Heart, featuring case studies and insights into how Lithuanian engineering and technology companies are deploying AI, automation and robotics to compete, thrive and innovate, right here in the EU.   

Produced by Orgalim in collaboration with Lithuanian engineering and technology industries association, LINPRA, an Orgalim member, it also explores the factors behind the success of the Lithuanian technology industries ecosystem to date, and where it is headed.  

As Malte Lohan, Orgalim’s Director General, writes in the foreword to the report: 

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are among the most important manufacturing technologies enabling the transformation of European industries to be more sustainable, competitive and resilient. Not only do they help increase efficiency, productivity and quality, they are also key to decarbonising, reducing waste and using resources more efficiently.

These technologies can also help create future-facing jobs, by improving the ability of European manufacturing companies to compete and thrive in the global marketplace, as recent research indicates.

  Advanced manufacturing technologies enable the transformation of European industries to be more sustainable, competitive and resilient.  

Malte Lohan

This edition of Technology at Heart features case studies from three Lithuanian manufacturing companies that have found this to be so. It delves into how they have deployed automation, robotics and AI across different industrial sectors, to meet the needs of European customers for competitive and agile, high-quality parts, products and services made in Europe. It also takes a wider look at the thriving engineering and high-tech manufacturing ecosystem that Lithuania is rapidly developing, and how it is forging a role for itself in contributing to Europe’s industrial transformation. 



Tangible, practical European success stories like these are particularly valuable at a time when Europe’s manufacturing industries – the backbone of the EU economy – are facing a daunting set of challenges, from supply chain disruptions to soaring raw material and energy costs to geopolitical uncertainty and market decoupling. 

As Europe looks to its future – and to industry to drive its green and digital transformation and its economic resilience– supporting rapid uptake of these enabling technologies is more pressing than ever. 

Read the full report here or download in PDF below. 


Orgalim produces Technology at Heart regularly to showcase how the technology industries we represent are driving the green, digital and resilient transitions, and identify enablers and obstacles that can inform policymaking. Check out other reports in the series here

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