Technology at Heart: Competitive high-tech manufacturing

4 October 2022

Technologies ranging from the simples...

Technologies ranging from the simplest digitalisation, to AI, robotics, digital twins and more, are essential enablers of the transformation of Europe’s industry to be more sustainable, competitive and resilient. Not only do they help increase efficiency, productivity and quality, they are also key to decarbonising, reducing waste and using resources more efficiently. 

This edition of Technology at Heart features three Lithuanian companies that have embraced advanced manufacturing technologies and proven it is possible to compete, thrive and forge the future of manufacturing in Europe today. It zooms in on how automation, robotics and AI can be deployed to improve efficiency and sustainability, meeting the needs of European customers for competitive, high quality parts, products and services made in Europe. 

We also delve into the factors behind the success to date of the Lithuanian technology industries ecosystem and where it is headed, in conversation with leading representatives of the Lithuanian engineering and technology industries association, LINPRA, a member of Orgalim. 

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