This decade will be – must be – a transformative one as Europe seeks to accelerate along the road to net-zero, and Europe's technology industries are at the heart of the action.  

Their enabling technologies, from the smallest sensor to the biggest compressor, from simple digital data management to complex robotics and AI, are key to unlock the transition to a net-zero European industry, economy and society.   

There is no time to lose. With the legislative framework for the European Green Deal and the digital transformation in place, Europe must now shift its attention to implementation.  

Now is the time to actually deliver the green transition. 

Now is the time for Europe to fully mobilise the world-class manufacturing base that can make it happen. 

And now is the time to build momentum and overcome the competitiveness headwinds that threaten to stall progress. 

Our policy agenda for the 2024-2029 legislative cycle contributes concrete recommendations to unleash Europe’s high-tech manufacturing potential, and make Europe’s prosperous net-zero future a reality.

Delivering the Net-Zero Transformation
A policy agenda for a European high-tech manufacturing base


Shaping an EU framework to enable our industries' success


Orgalim follows a holistic approach that addresses all policy fields impacting the technology industries. To this end, our advocacy work focuses on the following key areas: