Orgalim key recommendations on investments

Published: 24 June 2024

Policies & Issues: Industrial Policy, R&D and Innovation

Investments in Europe’s technology industries are decreasing, while global competition for technological leadership is fierce. A number of factors discourage technology businesses in Europe from investing in RDI, new products and services, including excessive regulatory burdens and an increasingly prescriptive legislative framework together with the complex processes required to benefit from existing EU financial instruments. In addition, we are concerned about the risks of a subsidy race both at global level and internally among EU Member States. To reverse the current underinvestment crisis and address the risks of a subsidy race in the EU, we must revitalise the EU’s investment climate through a long-term tech investment vision and an overhaul of the EU’s investment landscape that removes barriers, strengthens framework conditions and creates the best possible environment for industry to prosper here in Europe.

To read our recommendations in full, please download the document above.


Ivana Jakovljevic
Adviser - Corporate Sustainability and Industrial Policy
Daniel Wennick
Policy Director

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