How can we create a dynamic, competitive European high-tech manufacturing base?

1 July 2024

Following the publication of our poli...

Following the publication of our policy agenda for the next EU legislative cycle, Delivering the Net-Zero Transformation, Orgalim is producing a series of key recommendations. These recommendations offer policymakers concrete, practical steps for building a competitive high-tech manufacturing base that can power Europe’s path to reach net-zero. 

Our recommendations are designed to connect the dots between different policy areas – climate, environment, digital, internal market, trade and more – and to translate policy priorities into actionable legislative and regulatory projects. Taking a holistic approach ensures that potential conflicts or overlaps between policy areas are foreseen and addressed, creating a more streamlined and conducive policy framework than the often disjointed and confusing picture our industries are currently facing. 

We are looking to the newly elected members of the European Parliament to focus on competitiveness as a key part of their mandate. Europe is falling behind other major economies and must act now, with urgency, to reverse the trend. 

Legislators have the opportunity and responsibility to boost Europe’s competitiveness by recognising where things have gone wrong and creating a policy environment where businesses can once again flourish. 

  • Our key recommendations on investments include practical actions on how the EU can reverse the current underinvestment crisis and create a favourable climate to attract investments in new technologies. 

  • Coming soon: key recommendations on energy and climate with practical guidance on how to make the green transition a success. 

We will be releasing more key recommendations over the next few months. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when we publish our next set of recommendations. 

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How can we create a dynamic, competitive European high-tech manufacturing base?

Orgalim's key recommendations offer policymake...

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