Tech in Action case studies: Delivering net-zero in the heart of Europe

5 February 2024

With the 2024 European Parliament ele...

With the 2024 European Parliament election approaching, Orgalim’s latest Technology in Action case studies feature four companies in Belgium. They showcase how our industry actively enables two of the six priorities of the Belgian EU Presidency: strengthening our competitiveness and pursuing the green and just transition.

These case studies first appeared inour latest Technology at Heart report, produced in collaboration with Orgalim memberin Belgium, Agoria.  

Our aim with these case studies is to inform and inspire stakeholder dialogue, highlight the opportunities,the enablers and the obstacles, and draw out insights and implications for policymaking at both the European and national level.    

You can find them – and the others in the series – on the dedicated pagehere

For more information on Orgalim’s case studies, please contact us  



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