World Innovation Summit 2020 – The role of ethical innovation

16 March 2020

From 4 – 6 March the World Innovation...

From 4 – 6 March the World Innovation Summit brought together the best trailblazers and experts in innovation to discuss trending topics and cross-industry best practices from international thought leaders. With Orgalim as one of the partner organisations, the event presented examples of case studies from innovators across industries, sharing best practices, failures and the in-betweens.  

Orgalim’s Policy Director Christoph Luykx was invited to give a keynote about ethical innovation and the role of regulation in that field. A human-centric approach to innovation is essential to foster the trust of citizens and businesses in new technologies as they become ever more broadly integrated into our society and economy.

Please see Christoph Luykx’s presentation below.

For further information, please consult Orgalim’s detailed Position Paper on Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.