Technology at Heart: Powering the green transition in Slovenia

8 December 2021

Orgalim’s latest edition of Technology at Heart showcases real examples and insights into how Europe’s technology industries are powering the green transition.  

In Part 1, Technology in Action, we z...

In Part 1, Technology in Action, we zoom in on four Slovenian technology companies driving green tech ‘made in Europe’ and get their perspective from the front line on the opportunities and the challenges. In Part 2, Technology Meets Policy, we widen the lens in conversation with two leading representatives of the technology industries at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovenia, GZS, a member of Orgalim, sharing their insights on the policy implications and enablers for accelerating green and smart tech. 

As Malte Lohan, Orgalim’s Director General, said in the Foreword to the report: 

Energy use accounts for 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. So we are facing a very rapid transition indeed to a new energy system in all parts of society to meet Europe’s 2030 and 2050 climate targets. Rising energy prices only underline the urgency.  

We need to accelerate investment in renewable energy and related technologies, certainly, as it is estimated that the EU needs €470 billion of investment a year to meet its 2030 climate and environment policy goals. But we also need to scale up energy efficiency, because the cheapest – and greenest – energy is the energy that is not used.  

From electric trucks to distributed renewable power for buildings and industry, Europe’s technology industries are leaders, both in putting clean energy to use and in doing more with less. According to a study by VDMA and Boston Consulting Group, 86% of greenhouse gas emissions globally can be reduced by existing technology solutions, though less than half of these are already economically viable today. 

  86% of greenhouse gas emissions globally can be reduced by existing technology solutions. 

Malte Lohan

This is therefore a key moment. Now is the time to truly recognise the importance of this ‘twinning’. We cannot do green without tech.  

The Slovenian Presidency of the EU in the second half of 2021 made accelerating the twin digital and green transition a key priority, leveraging the opportunity of the Next Generation EU recovery fund and the National Recovery Plans. Slovenian companies are already driving green tech, with technology solutions that are sometimes unsung yet critical pieces of the puzzle from e-mobility to power distribution and safety. 

This edition of Technology at Heart highlights case studies from four Slovenian companies making the green transition happen, with technology ‘Made in Europe’. It illustrates, with examples from the front line, the enablers and the obstacles, drawing out insights and implications for policymaking at EU and national levels.  

It would not have been possible without the strong support of Orgalim’s member organisation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovenia, GZS, and its industry associations, the Electronics and Electrical Industry Association and the Metal Processing Industry Association of Slovenia. 


Read the full report here or download in PDF below.

  Now is the time to truly recognise the importance of this ‘twinning’. We cannot do green without tech. 

Malte Lohan
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