Take our Innovation Safari and see the light

3 May 2022

Imagine sailing the seas at high speed, with the clear conscience of zero CO2 emissions? Travelling light, wearing the fabric that powers your devices, unencumbered by cables and chargers? Breathing fresh air in the city, freed from the noise and nuisance of traffic jams, yet fluidly connected?  

Enter the Innovation Safari and you will experience a vibrant space where sustainability and efficiency meet, and where tomorrow’s technologies turn real today. A highlight of Orgalim’s summer Conference and General Assembly, together with our hosts, Teknikföretagen, we are holding this exciting event at the Epicenter, the hotspot of digital innovation in the heart of Stockholm.  

Join us and Epicenter’s Chief Disruption Officer, Hannes Sjöblad, for an exclusive immersion into a world of disruptive new technology applications and business models. The event is open to all General Assembly participants as well as Conference attendees.  

Register by emailing us at events@orgalim.eu

Want to know more? Here is a sneak preview of the technologies you can experience: