Orgalim takes forward the discussion on Advanced Manufacturing at the third meeting of the EU Industrial Forum

2 December 2021

Today, Orgalim joined the third plena...

Today, Orgalim joined the third plenary meeting of the EU Industrial Forum. The Forum serves the ambitious purpose of assisting the Commission in realising the green and digital transition while maintaining European industries’ global leadership. On this occasion, the five "Task Forces" which are driving the Forum's work gathered to take stock of the progress made to date, their eyes set on presenting first results during the EU Industry Days 2022, the Commissions’ flagship annual event on industry.  

The Forum stressed the strategic dependencies across industrial ecosystems, the vulnerabilities in the EU economy and the importance of developing a broad policy consensus on the priority issues at industry level. To this end, Orgalim, co-curator of Task Force 5 on Advanced Manufacturing, highlighted the key role played by Europe’s technology industries in enabling the twin transition. Our Policy Director Christoph Luykx stressed the importance of Advanced Manufacturing in taking forward the Industrial Strategy agenda and underlined its transformative potential. Advanced Manufacturing technologies help drive the digital and green transition across ecosystems, and hence there is a need to ensure a coordinated approach across the various Task Forces.

One very topical example is the current discussion on strategic dependencies and supply chain disruptions, also discussed in another Task Force. The latest economic figures shown in Orgalim’s  Autumn Report, point out that issues such as shortage of pre-materials and logistics bottlenecks can disrupt production processes and hinder economic growth, not only in the technology industries, but across the whole industry field. The Forum's various Task Forces will now continue their work, all with an eye on presenting the next status update during the February EU Industry Days. 

In the picture: Commissioner Breton addressing members of the EU Industrial Forum

Commissioner Breton


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