Orgalim speaks at DG ENERGY's webinar on Trans European Energy Infrastructure (TEN-E)

5 June 2020

At the invitation of the European Com...

At the invitation of the European Commission’s DG Energy, Orgalim’s policy director Christoph Luykx spoke at a webinar on the revision of the Regulation on Trans European Energy Infrastructure  (TEN-E), highlighting the fact that Orgalim has welcomed the impact of the TEN-E Regulation over the past seven years. However, there is now a need to move towards a future local, but interconnected, energy system that is more electric, sector coupled, renewable-based and energy efficient.

The modernisation of Europe’s energy infrastructure, particularly the electricity networks at all voltage levels, is essential to deliver on the energy and climate targets - especially in the area of low and medium voltage distribution grids where most of the benefits of smart grids will be felt by consumers.  

Christoph pointed out that the current set up of the Regulation provides some obstacles for Smart Grid deployments and highlighted our solutions to address this in the upcoming revision. At the same time, we stressed that sustainability and energy efficiency have to be binding parameters in selecting the so-called Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). This webinar is the start of a longer process and Orgalim remains committed to ensure the TEN-E supports the transition to a future energy system. Our most recent position paper, further highlights our proposals moving forward.

With respect to the wider ambitions of the EU’s energy and climate targets, Orgalim continues to be a strategic partner of EUSEW 2020, contributing to the discussion on how policymakers and EU industry can work hand in hand to achieve these goals. Check our sessions and register.

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