Orgalim at EU Industry Days: the role of standardisation in European business growth

6 October 2023

Industry leaders gathered on Day 2 of...

Industry leaders gathered on Day 2 of the EU Industry Days 2023 in Malaga for a panel discussion hosted by Orgalim together with CEN and CENELEC, on 'Harnessing the Power of Standardisation for Business Success.' This was the second of the two stakeholder sessions organised by Orgalim at EU Industry Days this year.

Moderated by Giovanni Collot of CEN and CENELEC, Patrick Cox, CEO of the TREE Consortium, and Albert Casas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa Area Manager at Unex, shared their insights on the merits of embracing standards and their transformative impact in driving business growth. The discussion underscored the universal relevance of standards, emphasising their role as a common language that drives technological progress. 

A highlight of the event was the practical experiences shared by the panellists on the benefits of standardisation for business. They demonstrated how standards guarantee interoperability and compatibility, build trust, and provide players access to the global market. They also noted that while standards are important for companies, the industry is equally important for the development of these standards.  

Among the challenges discussed, participants emphasised that standards must evolve with the necessary fluidity to adapt to the industry. Some concerns were also expressed about the need to simplify bureaucracy and administration. 

As Europe continues its journey of technological advancement, standards will remain at the heart of this transformation, ensuring interoperability, compatibility, and a common foundation upon which innovation can build. 

Please find the recording of the session here.