Orgalim creates new Innovation and Digital Transformation team to support our vision for a renewed Europe

3 June 2019

Orgalim’s vision for the Europe of 20...

Orgalim’s vision for the Europe of 2030 sees the industries we represent driving a technology-led transformation that will catalyse the EU’s competitiveness, set us on the road to carbon neutrality and enhance quality of life for all citizens. Innovation and digital tech will be at the heart of shaping this future.

As we drive the policies needed to make this vision a reality, we have reorganised our team to bring together Orgalim’s innovation and digitalisation activities – elevating our strategic focus on these key areas and helping us maximise our impact in advocating for fit-for-purpose policy. “Orgalim has a strong track record in pushing for an innovation-friendly EU framework to support the digital transformation of industry,” explains Malte Lohan, Director General. “Yet as the digital agenda evolves and becomes ever more central not only to the companies we represent but to Europe’s economy and society more broadly, it makes sense that our organisation evolves to reflect that.”

To drive this new team, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Christoph Luykx as Director for Innovation and Digital Transformation. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the tech industries, having worked at corporations such as Intel and CA Technologies, where he was most recently Chief Privacy Strategist and led the company’s European government relations. He has worked on a range of issues covering the broad spectrum of policies relating to digitalisation and its potential for industry and society – from innovation and cybersecurity to privacy, data, communications and trade.

“Innovation and digital transformation are core areas for Europe’s industrial strategy,” commented Mr Luykx on his new role. “I am excited to join the Orgalim team at a crucial time to further strengthen our work in these areas by creating a new, dedicated department. With this strong team, we will engage with all stakeholders to ensure the right policies are in place so that Europe’s technology companies can continue to lead the innovation-driven transformation of our economy and society.”

“Innovation and digital transformatio...

He will oversee the work of a team with extensive experience in key policy priorities including R&D and innovation policy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data, economic policy and technical regulation in the electrical engineering and electronics sectors.

If you wish to discuss Orgalim’s innovation and digital transformation agenda and priorities in more detail, don’t hesitate to reach out to Christoph Luykx directly.