Orgalim calls to review the safeguard measures on steel products

30 March 2022

In recent weeks steel sourcing has be...

In recent weeks steel sourcing has become increasingly challenging for European companies across the machinery, metal technology, electrical, electronics and ICT sectors. The EU has decided to ban steel imports from Russia. In addition to this, several steel producers in Ukraine have been forced to stop their production due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Under normal circumstances, Ukraine and Russia represent 23% of EU imports of steel, and the breakdown of Russian and Ukrainian supplies will tighten the already-strained steel market in the EU.

Alongside the soaring energy costs and disruption to logistics, the shortage of steel supplies is a primary factor holding back the economic recovery of the technology industries represented by Orgalim. Representing one third of Europe’s industrial base, the damage to our industries also has significant knock-on effects for the wider European economy.

  The EU’s policy on steel imports must reflect the new geopolitical and competitive reality which Europe’s manufacturing industries are confronted with. 

Malte Lohan, Orgalim Director General

To allow more steel imports into the EU and stabilise Europe’s technology industries' supply chains, Orgalim is calling for the suspension of the steel safeguard measures. We also urge the Commission to suspend the EU anti-dumping duties on steel products, and this for at least twelve months. 


For more information contact Silvia Selandari, Senior Adviser - Trade and Legal.