New Model Form of Contract for Commissioned Development

2 May 2024


Orgalim has released a new ...


Orgalim has released a new Model Form of Contract for Commissioned Development. Orgalim model forms can be used as a basis when drawing up contracts, saving time and money. 

This model form is designed to be used when two parties agree on development work to be undertaken by one party and to be paid by the other party. For example, a technology company that requires the input of another specialised company to help them develop new technology in-house. It contains multiple alternatives to cover as many situations as possible and can be customised to fit specific requirements. 

The Legal Affairs Working Group that drew up the contract is made up of lawyers and legal experts from Orgalim’s national member associations. Thanks to drawing on expert sources from across Europe, we have created a text that reflects different legal cultures and common international practice. 

“Through the years, we have provided hundreds of member companies with the Orgalim model contracts and sets of general conditions. These legal tools have made life considerably easier for them, as they could start negotiations with the contractual counterpart on the basis of a solid text which had already proven its worth in practice many times before,” Lindsay Hopmans, Attorney-at-law at Orgalim’s Dutch member federation FME. 

To access the new Model Form of Contract for Commissioned Development or any of the other model forms, either contact the Orgalim member association(s) based in your country or, if you are based outside these countries, please contact


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