New European Parliament Intergroup to promote dialogue on industry and investment

20 February 2020

13 February saw the official launch o...

13 February saw the official launch of the new European Parliament Intergroup ‘Sustainable, long-term investments & competitive European industry’ – established by MEPs from across the political spectrum seeking to promote dialogue on the future of industry and investment in Europe.

Created as a platform for exchange between MEPs and societal stakeholders, intergroups are cross-party groupings that bring together MEPs interested in particular topics.


They are proposed in the early stages of a new legislature, with 27 new Intergroups now put forward for the current parliamentary term. This list includes for the first time an intergroup focused on EU industry from a competitiveness and sustainability perspective: uniting the standing ‘Long-term investment’ intergroup, chaired by MEP Dominique Riquet (Renew) and the newly proposed ‘European Industry 2030 – Sustainable, Competitive and Forward-looking’, put forward by MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho (EPP). The new Intergroup is steered by a Bureau co-chaired by MEPs Carvalho, Riquet and Simona Bonafè (S&D), with a number of further MEPs opting to join the group.

Orgalim and CECE (representing construction equipment manufacturers) played a key role in shaping this new grouping, and will be active in running the work of the Intergroup Secretariat, together with other stakeholders. In this role, we will be contributing to the programme of the group as part of our broader advocacy work with MEPs to keep industrial innovation and technology leadership at the heart of EU policymaking. As outlined in Orgalim’s ‘2030: an industry vision for a renewed Europe’, we firmly believe that the technology innovation driven by EU industry will be key to delivering on what matters most to Europe’s citizens over the coming decade, from addressing climate change, to delivering smart healthcare in a time of demographic shifts, to improving quality of life in tomorrow’s cities. The new Intergroup will provide a valuable forum to discuss how the EU can harness this potential over the coming years.