New European Commission College approved

27 November 2019

The European Parliament has today vot...

The European Parliament has today voted to approve the appointment of the full College of Commissioners put forward by Commission President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen. This means the new Commission is set to take office on 1 December.

President-Elect von der Leyen and her team are taking the helm at the EU executive at a critical juncture, as Europe confronts climate change, geopolitical instability, rising nationalism and Euroscepticism, and a global race for technology leadership. 

Ms von der Leyen’s political guidelines for the new Commission put forward a far-reaching agenda that aims to address these challenges and make Europe the global leader in the transition to a greener, smarter and more prosperous future.

In her speech presenting the College to MEPs this morning, Ms von der Leyen underlined in particular the twin priorities of addressing climate change and unlocking the full potential of digital technology and data – recognising the central role industry and innovation will play in achieving these objectives. Calling the proposed European Green Deal “our new growth strategy”, she stated that industrial strategy would form a core part of this agenda. And she declared her ambition for the EU to be a global leader in the digital age, underlining the importance of action on infrastructure, data, AI and cybersecurity. “We should harness this transformative power of the twin digital and climate transitions to strengthen our own industrial base and innovation potential,” she stated. At the same time, Ms von der Leyen emphasized that the Commission’s objectives will be crucial to addressing societal needs across the board; from healthcare to mobility, employment to quality of life. 

For Orgalim, technology and industrial innovation must be at the heart of the EU’s agenda over the next five years and beyond. “The Commission’s ambitions are high, and Orgalim and the technology industries we represent stand fully behind them - from achieving a Green Deal to making Europe fit for the digital age,” commented Malte Lohan, Orgalim Director General. “We are convinced that to deliver what Europe’s citizens are asking for, policymakers and industry must work hand-in-hand.” This means putting a European Green Deal of strategic foresight and a forward-looking industrial strategy at the heart of the EU agenda. “Together, we can shape a future that’s good,” concluded Mr Lohan.  

Read more on Orgalim’s recommendations for putting innovation at the heart of the EU’s future in ‘2030: an industry vision for a renewed Europe’.

Photo: FMA -CCR / Copyright: European Union 2019 / Source: EP

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