Meet our new members: CECAPI, FARECOGAZ and T&D Europe

27 June 2019

At its meeting on 26 June, the Orgalim General Assembly formally approved and welcomed three new members: CECAPI, FARECOGAZ and T&D Europe. Representing three distinct and highly innovative branches of the technology industries, these European-level sector associations are set to bring their valuable expertise and point of view to Orgalim’s work, helping deliver on our vision for 2030 in the years ahead.

At its meeting on 26 June, the Orgali...

CECAPI is the European coordinating committee representing associations of manufacturers of electrical installation equipment within the EU and EFTA. Established in 1967, CECAPI today promotes and develops the collective and common technical, industrial, economic and political interests of the sector, covering policy areas related to all equipment and components for electrical installations for residential and commercial use – from components for electrical installations and appliances, cable management systems, home and building electronic systems products, to intercom and video-intercom, circuit breakers and residual current devices.

FARECOGAZ is the European association of manufacturers dealing with the gas metering chain (gas meters, associated converters, gas chromatographs, data loggers), gas pressure regulators with associated safety devices and relevant stations. With a history stretching back to 1969, FARECOGAZ today represents over 90% of the European market and acts as a technical and scientific ambassador for its members – for instance by representing its members towards the EU institutions and other stakeholders, cooperating with working groups on standardisation, and collecting statistical data.

T&D Europe is the European association of the electricity transmission and distribution equipment and services industry. Its scope includes the complete range of products and services necessary to transmit and distribute electricity in high and medium voltages, between the producers and the end users. T&D Europe members provide all types of smart grid technologies, including advanced, smart systems suitable for interaction with renewable energies and ICT. The companies represented by T&D Europe account for a production worth over €25 billion and employ over 200,000 people in Europe.

The full list of Orgalim members can ...

The full list of Orgalim members can be viewed here.


Photo: Francesco Sansone, President of FARECOGAZ, Diederik Peereboom, Secretary General of T&D Europe, and Dany Sturtewagen, President of CECAPI, at the Orgalim General Assembly.

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