Mapping a joint path for Europe and Ukraine through engineering innovation

4 October 2023

Málaga, Spain, 4 October 2023- This a...

Málaga, Spain, 4 October 2023- This autumn, Málaga took centre stage in Europe's industrial landscape as the venue for the EU Industry Days held from October 4-6. The flagship event, a cornerstone of European industrial policy discussions, convened industrial leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders from various sectors, including industry, academia, civil society, and more.

Orgalim, representing Europe's technology industries, played a prominent role at the event hosting two sessions. The first session held today, delved into the theme of - Engineering Industries in Ukraine: Catalysts for Reconstruction and Integration.

The theme of the discussion was set by artist Ángel Uranga’s masterpiece, Concordia, which vividly portrayed the spirit of cooperation between the Spanish industry and Ukraine. This artwork served as a poignant symbol of Europe’s technology industries' solidarity towards facilitating Ukraine's journey towards integration within the European Union. 

  As it rebuilds, Ukraine can leapfrog several stages of industrial development. 

Malte Lohan

Ukraine, while still fighting against Russia's brutal war of aggression, is mapping out is path for recovery and integration into the Single Market. This discussion aimed to shed light on the engineering industries' role in supporting Ukraine in its recovery efforts, paving the way for its prosperous and sustainable future within the EU. 

Highlighting the pivotal role of industries in Ukraine’s recovery efforts, Malte Lohan, Director General, Orgalim, said, "As it rebuilds, Ukraine can leapfrog several stages of industrial development. It can rebuild with the ambition to integrate into the EU as a leader in clean manufacturing, electrification, and Industry 4.0. These are high-value adding sectors to the economy. Integrating a Ukraine which is at the top of its game in these sectors will strengthen Europe’s future geo-political resilience."

Please find the recording of the session starting from 2:00:07: here.

Join Orgalim's second EU Industry Day session: Harnessing the Power of Standardisation for Business Success, tomorrow, Thursday, October 5, from 16:35 to 17:35. You can also follow the discussions live on Twitter.