Joint industry messages on EU-wide uniform conditions for the proper quality treatment of WEEE

12 December 2019

As the European Commission considers ...

As the European Commission considers the preparation of possible Implementing Acts laying down minimum quality standards for treatment of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE), Orgalim has joined forces with APPLiA – Home Appliance Europe, DIGITALEUROPE, EERA – the European Electronics Recyclers Association, and the WEEE Forum to put forward the viewpoint from our industries.

In this joint statement, we underline that it is absolutely crucial that any Implementing Acts laying down minimum quality WEEE treatment standards do so in strict accordance with the European standards for WEEE. The consultants that undertake the preparatory study, the Member States and the Commission should acknowledge the importance of strictly implementing all requirements from EN 50625 and EN 50614, the suite of CENELEC standards covering the collection, transport, re-use and treatment of WEEE and avoid their watering down since they represent one integral set of standards to be applied by all actors in a harmonised way throughout Europe for improved quality waste management.

Download the statement to read our message in full.