High-Level Expert Group publishes 'Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI'

9 April 2019

Established by the European Commissio...

Established by the European Commission in 2018, the High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been tasked with supporting the implementation of the EU's AI strategy. Orgalim is an active member of the group, representing European technology companies that are pioneering in the development and use of industrial AI applications. On 8 April the HLEG published its first set of recommendations: 'Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI', which aim to support the development of AI systems that are ethical and technically and socially robust, in addition to fully complying with all applicable laws.

Orgalim has welcomed the publication of these guidelines, which we believe provide a general framework for stakeholders in the European AI eco-system to apply a set of consensual ethical principles. “This engagement with ethical questions is central to promoting a human-centric approach to AI in Europe,” underlined Malte Lohan, Orgalim Director General. “It will help foster the continued trust of citizens and businesses as these technologies become ever more broadly integrated into our society and economy.” Following this positive first step, Orgalim is advocating a stronger sectoral approach for the upcoming piloting phase, which will cover both the governance structure to be put in place and the assessment list to be used at company level. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue our active engagement in the HLEG on this issue, while contributing in parallel to the group's work on policy and investment recommendations to boost Europe's competitiveness in the global AI race. 

Please see our press release or our detailed Position Paper on Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI for further information.

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