European technology industries welcome fresh impetus in transatlantic trade

26 July 2018

Following yesterday’s meeting between...

Following yesterday’s meeting between Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and US President Donald Trump, Orgalime welcomes the news that the EU and the US have agreed to work together towards zero tariffs for industrial goods.

As the US is a major market for the European technology industries, this has the potential to deliver significant benefits to the companies we represent. We are pleased to see the EU and US announce plans to launch a close dialogue in order to ease trade, reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and cut costs.

Welcoming this this fresh impetus in transatlantic negotiations, Malte Lohan, Director General of Orgalime, commented: “We are happy to see the world’s two biggest trading blocs step back from the brink.  All measures to reduce misunderstandings, strengthen cooperation and bolster the multilateral trading system will come as good news to industries on both sides of the Atlantic”.


Photo: © European Union , 2016   /  Source: EC - Audiovisual Service   /   Photo: Cristof Echard