The EU Artificial Intelligence Act: Keys To Success

13 March 2024

The European Parliament adopted today...

The European Parliament adopted today the landmark EU regulation on Artificial Intelligence. 

Orgalim supports the regulation’s overall objectives of promoting AI that is respectful of fundamental rights, safety and transparency.

We also recognise however that the new requirements for so-called high-risk AI systems will pose challenges for manufacturers of some AI-powered products used in industrial settings. Compliance will be particularly demanding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-caps. As the backbone of Europe’s manufacturing base, these companies play a vital role in industrial innovation and competitiveness. It is essential that the AI Act is implemented in a pragmatic and innovation-friendly way, one that ensures safety and trust while fostering growth and uptake of industrial AI applications.

The Road Ahead: Implementation and Collaboration

The success of the Artificial Intelligence Act will depend on the EU institutions actively supporting its implementation. Our industries call for particular attention to be given to the following points:

  • Harmonised standards must be ready well in advance of the AI Act's implementation, given their critical role in conformity assessment. This applies not only to industry but also to market surveillance authorities and notified bodies.

  • Clear, practical and timely guidelines are essential for manufacturers to understand their obligations and responsibilities. As foreseen by the regulation, we urge the European Commission to promptly deliver comprehensive guidance and offer our support in this effort.

  • Stakeholder involvement is crucial. Collaboration with industrial stakeholders is paramount to respond to their challenges and needs in the implementation of this regulation.

  • Uniform interpretation is needed across member states to prevent fragmentation and maintain a level playing field for businesses throughout Europe.

  • The innovation measures available in the regulation must be fully used, including regulatory sandboxes and specific measures for SMEs.


Orgalim remains committed to supporting the European Commission, including its dedicated AI office, in the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence Act. Together, we can build an AI ecosystem that fosters innovation, protects citizens, and strengthens Europe’s high-tech industrial base.

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