Digitalisation for a Circular Economy: A driver for the European Green Deal

20 March 2020

On Wednesday, 17 March, the European ...

On Wednesday, 17 March, the European Policy Centre (EPC) organised a webinar to present the main findings of the EPC’s Task Force on the ‘Digital Roadmap for a Circular Economy’. Orgalim’s Policy Director Christoph Luykx joined a selected number of panellists from the European Commission, think-tanks and NGOs, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of linking circular and digital agendas at EU level. 

In the three months since taking office, President von der Leyen’s Commission has published several important policy proposals: the Green Deal proposal with its Climate Law and Circular Economy Action Plan, as well as the Digital Package and the new Industrial Strategy. Orgalim, representing Europe’s technology industries, welcomes all of them and stands ready to collaborate and move from this broader vision into more detailed field proposals. 

The digital and green transformation is core to the technology industries Orgalim represents, and major pillars for Europe’s competitiveness. We look at digital also as a clear enabler for the green transition. For example, technological solutions can facilitate the use of resources and data can help improve the design of products and increase predictive maintenance.  

Going forward, we need to focus on the European Commission’s detailed proposals and how they will work together to fulfil the ambition. To achieve a successful transformation of the twin priorities of climate and digital, of which the Circular Economy is a perfect example, we urge European policy makers to: 

  1. Collaborate and coordinate across various policy proposals to ensure coherence and consistency  

  1. Ensure Investment in digital infrastructure 

  1. Establish a balanced regulatory approach on AI, mindful of the operational reality   

  1. Support focus on data spaces on the basis of contractual approaches 

  1. Keep in mind the global interconnectedness  

Read more about our specific recommendations in our latest position papers on the Green Deal and the digital transformation.  

Read the EPC Digital Roadmap for a Circular Economy, which Orgalim endorsed, here.

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