AI: a pillar of Europe's future competitiveness

26 April 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly on the radar of EU policymakers: following the European Council's calls for a European approach to AI in late 2017, the Commission has just announced a three-pronged initiative focused on strengthening investment, preparing for socio-economic changes and ensuring the right ethical and legal framework. This reflects growing recognition among policymakers that AI will be a central pillar of Europe’s future competitiveness.

As the voice of the European engineering and tech industries at the leading edge of innovation in embedded AI applications, Orgalime is convinced that this technology will be a central pillar of the EU's competitiveness in the decades to come. What's more, AI enables many of the solutions required to address critical societal challenges - from climate change and the energy transition to the future of mobility, an ageing society and security in the digital age. So we welcome the Commission's holistic approach and look forward to contributing our industry's experience and expertise in AI to future discussions on the evolving policy framework.

Read our five key recommendations to policymakers here - or download our detailed position paper on AI here.

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