R&D and Innovation: Horizon Europe Co-Design 2021-2024 – Orgalim response to the public consultation

Published: 9 September 2019

Policies & Issues: R&D and Innovation

Following provisional agreement by the European Parliament and Council on the Horizon Europe legislative package, the European Commission has held a ‘co-design’ consultation to invite stakeholder feedback on shaping future investment priorities for the EU research and innovation funding programme.

Orgalim’s response to the consultation underlines that Horizon Europe should focus on research, development and innovation priorities and the resulting projects supporting EU policies. It should create value in researching and finding solutions to global challenges, advance technological development, and support sustainable competitiveness in Europe. Horizon Europe contributes to the collective effort to reach the Sustainable Development Goals but is not a silver bullet. 

We are convinced that without a strong and competitive industrial base in Europe, the EU will not be able to solve the global challenges we are facing or achieve the targets of strengthening economic growth and innovation. Conversely, research and innovation must drive global competitiveness. A strong industry will spread prosperity throughout the economy, and technology will respond to citizens’ needs – improving quality of life while enabling the transition to a low-carbon, more sustainable society. Orgalim therefore believes that the expected impact of projects can be substantial, if there is a strong industrial focus and competitiveness is a guiding principle.

Read our recommendations in full by downloading the consultation response.


Rozenn Maréchal
Adviser - R&I, Economics & Statistics

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