Orgalim's 16 Recommendations to EU policy makers on Horizon Europe

Published: 3 August 2018

Policies & Issues: R&D and Innovation

Orgalim is a strong supporter of the EU’s research and innovation policy and of the European Research Framework Programmes. EU policy and programmes in this area underpin the broader goal of boosting employment and economic prosperity in Europe. They significantly contribute to the competitiveness of European industry and represent a long-term investment that will benefit European society and its citizens.

Without a strong and competitive industrial base in Europe, the EU will not be able to solve the global challenges we are facing. Without industrial participation, the Framework Programmes will simply not be able to achieve the targets of strengthening economic growth and innovation and increasing the impact on competitiveness as foreseen in the EU Treaty; moreover, the related growth in jobs will be hampered.

With this in mind, Orgalim is making 16 recommendations for the next EU Framework Programme, Horizon Europe. Download the position paper to read our recommendations in full. 


Rozenn Maréchal
Adviser - R&I, Economics & Statistics

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