EU trade policy: Orgalim priorities for the next European Union legislative term

Published: 17 June 2019

Policies & Issues: Trade

Europe’s technology industries are strongly export-oriented and depend on international trade for their success, representing over a third of the EU’s manufactured exports. With trade supporting 36 million jobs, the EU must help companies to maintain leadership in the global competitiveness race by leading the global response to protectionism; standing up for free, fair and open rules-based trade; and enhancing market access for our companies.


This paper sets out our key recommendations for a future-facing EU trade policy to support these objectives:

- Promote enhanced market access for our companies: open markets and fighting against protectionism

- Create simple trade rules fit for a globalised world

- Reap the benefits of digitalisation on trade and trade policy

- Sustainability: transform societal challenges into future drivers of prosperity

- Rule-based free trade: strengthen the role of the WTO

- Achieve coherence of policies

To read the recommendations in full, please download the position paper above.


Silvia Selandari
Adviser - Trade & Legal

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