Energy & Climate: Sustainable, Safe and Affordable Transport: Transforming Mobility Challenges into Drivers of Prosperity for all Europeans

Published: 20 January 2020

Policies & Issues: Energy & Climate

Innovation in the transport sector has brought multiple benefits for Europe and its citizens: it delivers independence and freedom for people and enables services and the free movement of goods within the European Union. It connects people from different countries and brings them closer together. Considering the increasing integration and interconnection of economies and societies, the demand for transport can be expected to further increase, thereby creating new innovation and investment opportunities. In the twin climate and digital transitions, the transport sector will be key and will have an important role to play in a European Green Deal of strategic foresight that reinvigorates Europe and drives an industrial renaissance for a clean planet for all (see Orgalim Green Deal Position Paper). 

Despite being the backbone of the European economy and a cornerstone for individual mobility, increased transport activity has also brought new challenges, such as passenger safety, a surge in traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution. 

Transport activity across Europe is expected to continue growing, with road transport maintaining its dominant role5. This makes achieving a mobility system that is sustainable all the more challenging. 

Europe’s technology industries, represented by Orgalim, are drivers of innovation and progress throughout the economy, including for the transport, energy and building sectors. We provide the solutions to address the above-mentioned major road transport challenges by continuously innovating in automation, connectivity and decarbonisation, the key trends that are revolutionising our transport system. 

Orgalim stands for a future sustainable mobility system that is: 

  • multimodal, 
  • climate responsive and clean, 
  • safe and efficient, 
  • interconnected and integrated, and 
  • strengthening EU global technology leadership.

To read our vision for sustainable, safe and affordable mobility in full, please download the position above.


Christoph Luykx
Policy Director
Toma Mikalauskaitė
Adviser - Energy and Environment

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