Energy & Climate: Orgalim feedback on the evaluation roadmap of Regulation 347/2013 on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructures (“TEN-E”)

Published: 12 July 2019

Policies & Issues: Energy & Climate

The industries represented by Orgalim provide innovative technologies for the generation, transmission, distribution and end use of energy and at the same time rely on continuous energy supply for their manufacturing activities in the EU, which provide innovative jobs to more than 11 million Europeans. Orgalim is particularly committed to contribute to evolving, upgrading, interconnecting and generally modernising Europe’s energy infrastructure to ensure reliable access to affordable, secure, safe and sustainable energy for all Europeans and to set the standard in global energy technology leadership. We share the Commission’s view that a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy will be achieved only with an adequate, smart infrastructure and emphasise that innovative electricity infrastructure is needed at both the transmission and distribution level.

So we welcome the evaluation of the Trans-European Energy Infrastructures (TEN-E) Regulation as an opportunity to screen the existing energy infrastructure framework set in 2013 against the ongoing fundamental clean energy, climate neutrality and digital transformations. It is a welcome opportunity to assess whether the Regulation is fit for tapping into innovative, sustainable technology opportunities and whether it is compatible with the new legislation passed under the Clean Energy package and the proposed Clean Planet For All long-term climate vision.

Download the position paper to read our recommendations in full. 


Sigrid Linher
Director - Energy, Climate & Environment
Toma Mikalauskaitė
Adviser - Energy and Environment

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