Commission communication on industrial policy in an enlarged Europe

Published: 3 March 2003

Policies & Issues: Industrial Policy

Orgalime welcomes the issue of present Communication, which we believe may go some way towards redressing the balance of the EU’s policy in the framework of EU’s policy and regulatory activity: Orgalime believes that, for too long and, notwithstanding the conclusions of the Lisbon summit, the economic component of sustainable development has been underrepresented.

We believe that the Commission correctly analyses and identifies most of the causes underlying the strengths and weaknesses of European manufacturing industry and that the proposed monitoring of the competitive situation of individual sectors may be a useful tool for further gauging the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the EU’s different manufacturing industry sectors. Such an analysis is however not enough: it is now three years since the Lisbon summit and, in our opinion, the EU is still far from the goals it set itself. We now need concerted action involving both regulators at the EU and national level and affected stakeholders.

In the present position, Orgalime wishes to stress in more detail certain elements in UNICE’s position which we support.

References: COM(2002) 714 final

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