Circular Economy: DIGITAL4CIRCULARITY - key recommendations for tapping into the synergies of the Circular Economy and the Digital Single Market

Published: 12 June 2019

Policies & Issues: Energy & Climate

In the next ten years, technological innovation can create change at a pace never seen before and open up immense opportunities for Europe if the right choices are made now. Optimising the use of resources to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth and prosperity is a concept that makes sense and should lead to a major shift in the entire economy. Together with the Energy Union, the EU’s Climate Strategy, the Digital Single Market and the Internal Market for Products and Services, the circular economy is one of the core pillars, which - if well designed and part of a joined up and coherent industrial policy approach - contributes towards the core objective of sustainable jobs, prosperity and growth objective while supporting European technology leadership.

Digitalisation not only enables finding the holistic answers to the system challenge that the circular economy poses, it can also accelerate its implementation, as digitally enabled technologies help drive systemic change for the sustainable use of resources and for ‘doing more with less’ throughout the economy. To tap into these benefits and scale up the deployment of digitally enabled solutions in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement, Orgalim is making four key recommendations for the next legislative cycle of the European institutions. 

Download our position paper to read the recommendations in full.


Sigrid Linher
Director - Energy, Climate & Environment

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