SI 14 : General Conditions for the Supply and Installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products (ex SE 01)

Published: January 2014
Electronic copy languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
General Conditions

As the international sale of plants and their installation represent the core business of many companies in the mechanical and electrical engineering industries in Europe, Orgalim has recognised that these companies would benefit from a set of general conditions for the supply and installation of plants which could be used all over the world.

The first version of the Orgalim Supply and Installation Conditions has already been published in 1994 (SE 94-conditions) and these conditions have ever since been among Orgalim’s most widely-used legal publications. 
The Orgalim Supply and Installation Conditions are to a great extent based on the Orgalim Supply Conditions, which were most recently revised in 2012 when the S 2012-conditions for supply were adopted and published. Therefore, the major changes in the Orgalim Supply Conditions are also reflected in the Orgalim Supply and Installation Conditions. 

The General Conditions SI 14 (an update of Orgalim's SE 01 conditions) are intended for deliveries where the obligations of the supplier (contractor) include installation on site of the equipment that he delivers, normally to the purchaser's premises.SI 14 deviates from S 2012 only where necessary to cover the contractual aspects of installation and taking-over. This makes the application and the interpretation of the conditions easier. SI 14 are a modern alternative to the UN ECE 188A issued in 1957. What has been said in the comparison between S2012 and ECE 188 also applies to SI 14 as compared with ECE 188A. Apart from that there is also a marked difference in that SI 14 more clearly stipulates the conditions for and the consequences of taking-over the Products. 

Orgalim SI 14 are available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Russian (more languages will soon be available).

There is a special annex which should be used in contracts when German law applies.

SI 14 presentation

SI 14 Overview of major changes (EN)