Technology at Heart: Shaping the Circular Economy

21 March 2022

The potential for a circular economy ...

The potential for a circular economy to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits is huge, and Europe’s technology industries are at the heart of the action.

In this issue of Technology at Heart, we feature case studies from four French companies shaping the circular economy, showing concretely how they are making it happen.

We also take a wider look at the French tech industries ecosystem in France, in conversation with leading representatives of the Federation of Mechanical Industries, FIM, and the Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communications Industries, FIEEC, both members of Orgalim.

Pre-empting a harmonised European approach, the French government has taken a number of measures to drive circularity in France. By sharing insights from these French tech companies and industry leaders on the front line, we aim to identify key enablers and barriers as well as learnings for EU policymaking, to accelerate the shift to a circular, regenerative economy and society in Europe.

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