Meet our speakers below. Detailed bios are available here.

Margrethe Vestager

Executive Vice President for 'A Europe fit for the Digital Age', European Commission

Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson

Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, Sweden

Rada Rodriguez

President, Orgalim, Europe's Technology Industries and CEO, Signify GmbH

Tom Erixon

President, Teknikföretagen and CEO, Alfa Laval

Malte Lohan

Director General, Orgalim, Europe's Technology Industries 

Klas Wåhlberg

Director General, Teknikföretagen

Jenny Gardner

Head of Strategy & Portfolio, Combat Systems Saab

Konrad Bergström

Founder & President, Xshore

Prof. Dr. Christof Ehrhart

Executive Vice President Corporate Communications and Governmental Affairs, Bosch

Giovanni Fili

CEO & Founder, Exeger

Tobias Hansson

CEO & Country Manager, Hitachi Energy Sweden

Siros Jahanfar

Government & Institutional Relations Lead, Hitachi Energy Sweden

Javier Ormazabal Echevarria

President & CEO, VELATIA

Pia Sandvik

CEO, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Henrik Tegnér

EVP Strategy & Sustainabilty, AFRY

Stefan Ytterborn

CEO & Founder, Cake