Letter to President of the EU Energy Council: Clean Energy Package - Market Design, Renewables and Governance Proposals

18 December 2017

The EU Energy Council meets on 18 December 2017 to reach an agreement on general approaches on key initiatives of the Clean Energy Package: the initiatives for a new internal electricity market design, the promotion of energy from renewable sources and the future Governance of the Energy Union.

While Orgalime appreciates the Estonian Presidency’s commitment to striking a forward-looking, resilient deal for Europe and its people, we are concerned with the overall comprehensiveness and balance of the initial Commission Clean Energy Package being diluted by Member States – first in the area of energy efficiency, and now in the areas of the market design, renewables and governance. We believe this will both obstruct Europe’s ability to live up to its international commitments and undermine European technology manufacturers’ continued global leadership in the irreversible energy, climate and digital transitions.

This is why we are urging Member States to restore several key ambitions in the general approaches to be adopted, which regrettably have been watered down in latest Council proposals. If Europe does not maintain and exploit its first mover advantage when fostering renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart (distribution) grids and competing on the development of other low-carbon technology markets globally, there can be no doubt that other regions will take its place. In fact, many are already doing so.

We encourage Member States to agree on general approaches on 18 December 2017 that create a fresh boost to jobs and growth in Europe and a win-win for all stakeholders – the planet, EU citizens and European industry. These would be the market signals needed at a moment when the Paris Agreement is celebrating its second anniversary.

Download our letter to the EU Energy Council President Kadri Simson to read our views in full.