Joint industry letter on trialogue negotiations on the Cybersecurity Act

22 October 2018

The ongoing negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council to set up an EU cybersecurity certification framework will have profound implications for the future of Europe’s industrial system, European companies being the first impacted by the final design of the framework.

Members of the co-signing associations are developing the ICT products, services and processes that will be the source for Europe’s innovation, growth and competitiveness in core sectors of the digitized economy – industrial applications, connected and autonomous vehicles, medical technology and more. Protecting the safety, reliability and security of our companies’ products and systems is part and parcel of their future success.

We have always been committed to these goals and have extensive experience with the EU’s longstanding placing on the market and market surveillance frameworks. In this context, the cybersecurity certification framework should be a way to boost the EU’s competitiveness – it should not prevent innovation due to a rigid approach. The framework should act as an opportunity for innovators to add value to their offerings and better compete in fast-changing markets, while improving security. The final Cybersecurity Act, therefore, should be flexible and future-proof.

Read the recommendations in full by downloading the joint industry letter co-signed by 15 associations.