EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement - a welcome sign that trade can deliver win-win solutions

17 July 2018

Orgalime is the voice of the European Technology Industries. The companies we represent produce both capital goods and consumer durables, and play a vital role as suppliers to other industries and the wider economy. They employ over 11 million people in Europe, generated a turnover of some €2,000 billion in 2017, and account for a third of the manufactured exports of the European Union.

Orgalime welcomes the signature of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (FTA). In these uncertain times for free trade, this is a very positive sign that trade can deliver “win-win” solutions. 

We are happy to see the removal of non-tariff barriers through the EU-Japan agreements, as non-tariff barriers are the main obstacle for our companies to access the Japanese market.

We also salute the fact that our companies will have easier access to public procurement in Japan. The EU-Japan agreement guarantees fair treatment in the public procurement markets of 48 large cities in Japan for European companies.

The European Union should build on this positive step to continue reinforcing open trade in these uncertain times.