Orgalim’s answer to the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment on the Revision of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Published: 8 February 2019

Policies & Issues: Internal Market - Product Safety Legislation

Orgalim’s industries represent a wide variety of sectors in the manufacturing industries, the vast majority of which are small and medium sized enterprises for whom the Machinery Directive is the core piece of legislation. 

Both the recent publication of the Evaluation report on the Machinery Directive (MD) and the Communication on Artificial Intelligence (AI) respectively underline that the MD is fit for purpose and that the EU safety framework is robust enough to provide for machines embedding AI-driven functions. Nevertheless, both documents suggest some light adaptations to foster coherence with the EU legislative framework. 

Please download the position paper above to read our recommendations. 


Eleonora Piccinni
Manager - Technical Regulation

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