Orgalime comments on Commission "LVD UPDATE.4"

Published: 6 October 2003

Policies & Issues: Internal Market - Product Safety Legislation

Working Document dated 10-07-2003

In this position paper, Orgalime provides comments on Commission fifth working document on the LVD Update, further to the outcome of the last LVD Update Working Group meeting held on 5 June 2003.

Orgalime expresses concerns about the methodology chosen by the Commission during the last meeting, which has avoided discussing entire parts of the draft or has assumed that the discussion was settled.

With a view to achieve the most consistent and unambiguous wording as possible, Orgalime considers that several points still deserve further consideration from the members of the working group. Therefore we have tabled once more comments that we believe are still relevant for the wording of the current tabled version “LVD Update.4”.
We trust that the participants in the LVD Update Working Group will consider them during the next meeting, which we understand will be the last meeting with stakeholders.

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