Orgalim response: Consultation by Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

Published: 25 February 2019

Policies & Issues: Environment

Orgalim representing Europe’s technology industries is committed to an ambitious climate policy and supports a firm implementation of the Paris agreement. 

Designing an EU taxonomy of what represents an environmentally sustainable economic activity in times when other regions of the world are in the process of doing so is in our view closely linked to the question of European sustainability leadership, which we generally support. Also, linking the EU’s policy objectives, and its energy, climate and environment objectives in times of implementing the Paris Agreement in particular, is a very strong market and investment signal that can trigger true change in the market if properly designed. Given the far-reaching consequences of the taxonomy (namely no access to finance for an economic activity of a company), the importance of a well-designed and thoroughly thought through concept that rewards for European technology leadership and innovation cannot be overestimated. 

Please download the position paper to read our recommendations in full. 


Sigrid Linher
Director - Energy, Climate & Environment

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