Internal Market: Orgalim Comments to EMC Directive Roadmap

Published: 21 February 2020

Policies & Issues: Internal Market - Product Safety Legislation

Orgalim believes that the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive: 

- is generally fit for purpose and we see no need for modification or revision at this stage 

- is not a “safety directive”, meaning that the Directive is not supposed to deal with the safety of equipment 

- should be kept technology neutral 

- should not be merged with other NLF Directives (eg RED). 

Moreover, Orgalim opposes any change to the scope of the Directive, such as the inclusion of cables, as well as any change to the essential requirements. We strongly believe that harmonised standards are the best means for addressing existing, as well as emerging technologies, such as AI, 5G etc. The directive should continue to specify only the high-level essential requirements. Our industry values the EMCD for its legal stability and predictability. We firmly believe that any lack of clarity can be addressed in guidance documents without revising the EMC Directive. 

To read our position in full, please download the document above.


Christoph Luykx
Policy Director
Le Goff-Jedrzejowicz
Helena Le Goff-Jedrzejowicz
Junior Adviser - Internal Market

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