Digital Transformation: Orgalim Manifesto: a European Agenda on Industrial AI

Published: 16 January 2020

Policies & Issues: Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI), has recently benefited from a number of technological advances, making it a powerful enabler of Europe’s Technology Industries’ digital transformation. Together with sustainability, digital transformation is the main driver of industrial growth. 

International competition is enormous, and massive investments are being made in other regions of the world, building on either a huge data-based economy or on very large State investments. Europe has a number of assets which it can, when taking swift action, use to develop its own approach to AI, which can both boost its economy’s competitiveness and contribute to deploying solutions to societal issues as described in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Orgalim, Europe’s Technology Industries, strongly supports these developments and strives to shape an enabling EU framework built on both Europe’s strengths in the industrial space and its European values. 

As two-thirds of the value created by AI is contributable to the B2B segment, we recommend that policymakers focus on supporting our industries as providers of world-leading Trustworthy AI solutions for the world market. We are convinced that this approach will become a competitive differentiator for Europe’s industries to become global leaders and position our industries as world innovators in ‘Trustworthy-AI’. 

To achieve this core objective of the EU, Orgalim and its members want to share this Manifesto, in order to provide some insights into what Industrial AI entails. We highlight important building blocks that are required to achieve this, grouped in 4 chapters and outlining 13 policy recommendations to ensure success.

To read the recommendations in detail, please download the document above and check out the high-level summary of our recommendations here.


Christoph Luykx
Policy Director

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