Digital Transformation: Orgalim comments on the Data Governance Act

Published: 29 January 2021

Policies & Issues: Digital Transformation

Orgalim in principle welcomes the proposal of the European Commission for a Regulation on European data governance (Data Governance Act – DGA). Data access is essential for any successful data-driven business model. We share the Commission’s overall objective to foster the availability of data both by increasing trust and by strengthening data sharing mechanisms across the EU Member States. Orgalim strongly believes that the development of trust in data sharing will contribute to unlocking the full potential of the industrial data economy.

We welcome the fact that the DGA creates a regulatory framework for the governance of special categories of public data. Increasing access to, and re-use of, public data will be important to encourage innovation and growth

To read the position in full, please download the document above.


Tadas Tumenas
Adviser - Digital

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