Circular economy 2.0: How it can work successfully for and with European manufacturing

Published: 3 August 2015

Policies & Issues: Environment

Orgalime welcomes the debate on the Circular Economy and thanks the European Commission for its open consultation process.

We are committed to provide our active input into this debate, as we believe that, with the Energy Union, the Digital Single Market, the forthcoming Internal Market for Products and Services, the Circular Economy is one of the core pillars, which if it is well-designed and part of a joined up and coherent policy approach will contribute towards the core overall jobs and growth objective of the present Commission. 

Orgalime’s industry, with its output of €1825 billion in 2014 and 10.3 million employed in Europe, does attach significant importance to the development of a Circular Economy policy which is integrated with all other policy areas being developed by the present Commission. 

Our industry believes that the sustainable use of resources is a shared objective. We see the Circular Economy as an essential pillar of resource efficiency, which, if is well-designed, will both achieve its environmental objectives and be supportive of Europe’s manufacturing sector with a positive impact on both growth in the manufacturing economy and jobs. Orgalime firmly believes that the core jobs and growth objective of the present Commission must be at the core of the policy thinking and regulatory framework derived from the Circular Economy. 

In the present paper and its annexes, therefore: 

- we provide our core thinking and recommendations on the Circular Economy 

- we outline the main barriers of Circular Economy and our suggestions for solutions, and 

- we provide a list of examples of our industry´s resource efficiency and circular economy activities. 

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