Turnkey Contract

Published: March 2003
Hard copy languages: English, French, Spanish
Model Forms

Orgalim issued a new standard contract – the Orgalim turnkey contract for industrial works – our most comprehensive contract publication to date.

Why this new standard contract? In the first place because Orgalim’s scope of General Conditions and model contract forms needed to be completed by a turnkey contract covering the delivery of complete industrial installations or plants. These are often complex installations and works; contracts must therefore both be flexible and complete. Purchasers and contractors in the engineering sector who have used existing models, have generally found them not well suited to their needs: they are often conceived less for industrial works than for civil engineering contracts and are very complex, and sometimes also very one sided.

The publication is sold in electronic format from the Orgalim member association(s) based in your country (full details here). If you are based outside these countries, please contact legal.publications@orgalim.eu.