SC 96/06 (Revised version - Apr 06 - now available in English): General Conditions for the Supply of Specially Designed and Manufactured Components

Published: April 2006
Electronic copy languages: German, English, French, Turkish
General Conditions

SC 96/06 are intended for use in industrial subcontracting. The term ”Component” refers to a product which is to be incorporated in the purchaser’s product and which is not normally intended to be used independently. 

SC 96/06 are specially suited for castings, forgings and other products of different materials where specifically designed patterns, tools or models are used in the production. They can also be used for the supply of other components which answer to the above definition. If, however, SC 96 are used for supply of standard components which are available from alternative suppliers, the conditions should be amended, at least as regards the rules on late delivery.

SC 96/06 are not suitable for all products which are incorporated in other products. They contain an introduction which more fully explains their scope of use.

Where the supplier is the sole designer of the product, the Orgalim Model Form of OEM Contract may be a better basis.

SC 96/06 are also not intended for processing contracts. The parties are instead recommended to use the Orgalim General Conditions for Series Processing (SP 99).

SC 96/06 contains one appendix which amends the conditions when they apply to a contract for serial deliveries. There is also one appendix to be used for agreements on price revision.