MI 24 : Supplementary Conditions for Minor Installation Work under Orgalim S 2022

Published: January 2024
Electronic copy languages: English
General Conditions

These are Supplementary Conditions for minor installation work concerning mechanical, electrical and electronic products supplied under Orgalim General Conditions S 2022. They can therefore not be used as stand-alone conditions.

The MI 24 Supplementary Conditions are aimed to be used when the Supplier delivers a Product according to Orgalim S 2022 and as an extra service, undertakes to carry out simpler installation work of the Product on the site. Examples of minor installation work are connecting the Product to existing equipment and electrical systems, arrange for power supply or cooling.

If the obligation of the Supplier is to deliver a production line, install different parts and carry out various function tests, Orgalim SI 24 (General Conditions for the Supply and Installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products) shall be used instead. This is generally the case when the installation work is more complicated, extensive and time consuming. Orgalim MI 24 are only intended for minor installation work.