M 17 : General Conditions for Maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Published: October 2017
Electronic copy languages: English, French, German, Italian, Turkish
General Conditions

Intended for use in contracts for the maintenance of equipment previously supplied either by the maintenance contractor or by a third party, these conditions cover both preventive maintenance, i.e. measures taken to ensure continuous functioning of equipment, and corrective maintenance, i.e. measures taken to remedy a defect which has occurred.

The conditions contain an introduction which explains their use and gives guidelines.

These conditions should not be used when the contractor, as a part of a repair contract, undertakes to repair defects which have occurred in equipment on an incidental basis, i.e. outside the scope of a contract to repair defects which may occur during the contract period.

In such cases the Orgalim General Conditions for Repair (R 17) should be used.

The Orgalim M 17 are available in English, French, German and Italian.

There is a special annex which should be used in contracts when German law applies.

Please find here a link to an overview of the major changes between the M 2000 conditions and the new M 17 conditions: (EN)

M 17 presentation

The M 17 conditions are an update of the M 2000 conditions of September 2000.