Legal Guide: Use and interpretation of Orgalim S 2012 General Conditions

Published: April 2014
Hard copy languages: English

Following the longstanding worldwide success of the Orgalim General Supply Conditions, a modern successor and alternative to ECE 188, and a branch standard for the mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering industry in Europe, a detailed commentary offering interpretations and explanations of the provisions of these conditions is a useful tool for all users.

The commentary in this guide focuses on the legal content of the provisions. It should therefore also be of interest to lawyers who come across S 2012 in connection with disputes or otherwise. Even if it is not necessary that general conditions should be interpreted in accordance with the intentions of their authors, it should merit a certain interest that the commentary has been written by many of the same authors who drew up the conditions.

The publication is sold in paper format from the Orgalim member association(s) based in your country (full details here). If you are based outside these countries, please contact

Paper copies of the previous guide on the use and interpretation of Orgalim S 2000 General Conditions in English and German are also available upon request.